Jackson Hole Bible College One year of Biblical Foundations & Creation Apologetics


God has blessed JHBC with exceptional men and women in each facet of the school. Quality and gifted personnel compliment a superb faculty of resident and adjunct professors. We thank God for His provision of each one.

Our Administration and Staff:

Don and Beverly Landis

Pastor Don is the Sr. Pastor at Community Bible Church, Founding Chairman Emeritus of the Board at Answers in Genesis, and President/Professor at JHBC. His hobbies are reading, taking walks, watching old BBC movies, hunting and taking his grandsons fishing.

Mrs. Landis is the wonderful wife of Pastor Don. She is the school’s nurse, and the head of the Manna Ministry. Her hobbies are being a grandma, couponing, yardsaling, and tea parties.

She and Pastor Don have two daughters Annie and Holly. Both daughters live and work at the school with their husbands. They have 7 grand-children and 3 great grand-children. 

Scott and Holly Austin

Scott is the Dean of Students and also an Elder at Community Bible Church. Scott works part-time as a shooting instructor.  Scott enjoys hunting, camping, hiking and anything that involves spending time with his grandsons.

Holly is the Administrator at JHBC. She enjoys volleyball, hiking and broomball and playing with her grandsons.

Scott and Holly have 2 daughters who attended JHBC and married JHBC alumni. Their oldest daughter and her husband work for JHBC and their youngest daughter and her husband reside in Little Rock, Arkansas. They have 3 grandsons. 

Jared and Annie Kuhns

Jared is the Head of Maintenance and Head Cook.  Jared’s hobbies are professional sports (he knows everything about every team!), hunting and fishing.  Jared is married to Annie and they have 5 children. Jared is a JHBC alumni and graduated in 2000.

Annie is also Head Cook and is known for her amazing pastries, desserts and gourmet popcorn. Besides cooking, Annie loves puzzles, volleyball, hanging out with students and spending time with her kids.

Jared and Anne also run the Jackson Hole Rodeo concessions booths in the summer.  Annie is a JH native and JHBC alumni; she graduated in 2001.

Wade and Jessica Woodhouse

Wade is the Men’s Head RA. Wade is originally from Elgin, Illinois. Wade enjoys basketball, baseball, broomball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, snowboarding, wake boarding, reading, foosball, hanging out with students and spending time with his sons. Wade graduated from JHBC in 2012.

Jessica is our Social Coordinator and is married to Wade. Jessica enjoys making jewelry, snowboarding, surfing, volleyball, interior decorating, going out for coffee (she is a coffee connoisseur), planning JHBC’s events and parties and spending time with her 2 sons. Jessica graduated from JHBC in 2011.

Grace Persson

Grace is Women’s Head RA. Grace hails from the great state of Arkansas, and is the sixth of nine children. Grace grew up attending a church pastored by her dad and two uncles, and composed of many of her family members and close friends. Growing up she had the unique experience of being private schooled, then home schooled, then public schooled. After graduation, she made the decision to study at JHBC, and loved her year here so much that she joined as staff for the following school year. She has now been at the college for over three years. Grace loves art, music, hiking, snowboarding, and most importantly, sharing the gospel with the lost. Grace graduated from JHBC in 2018.

Sara Royle

Sara is an assistant cook. Sara grew up in eastern Nebraska with her parents and two older brothers. Growing up, Sara was home schooled until her Junior year of high school when she decided to attend a local Christian school. It was during these late high school years Sara made the decision to attend JHBC by the Lord giving her a desire to understand His word more and revealing her need for it. Sara graduated from JHBC in the spring of 2020 and is excited to be a part of, and watch, the Lord work in JHBC’s future! Sara loves gardening, baking, painting and working with horses and cows.