Leaving a Legacy – Don Landis


Author Don Landis and artist Ted Blaylock have produced a beautiful testament to the godly legacies of the men and women who have gone before us. These inspiring stories of ordinary American people will cause you to ponder, what kind of legacy will you leave for the next generation?


My parents built a humble little cabin in the Pocono Mountains of Northeast, Pennsylvania out of old barn wood. On a very small piece of land, without any great attractions that would draw anyone to it, sat the cabin they named the “Loft”. But inside this simple cabin were two loving people who lived out their love for God in serving and caring, especially for young people. From that early cabin, given to God and used for His Glory, the legacy grew and today there are four Christian camps where lives are being touched (see chapter 8).

It is amazing how people in our past have had such a profound impact on our lives. Loving, generous and godly persons who have influenced our lives with strength, encouragement and vision.

You too will leave a legacy. What will it be like?

This book is written to help encourage you with suggestions on how to leave a legacy that will be a wonderful heritage for those who will follow in your steps.

– Don Landis